Ancient Inspiration and Toil

Before I started work on “Pyramid of the Pharaoh”, I worked on another project that at the time I called rather originally “MYRPG-Caves of Adventure”, which quickly developed into a rogue-like cave dungeon bash game. You can see an early prototype over here (MYRPG – Caves of Adventure) if you are lucky enough to get it to run.


Any not long after I finished this prototype, which was borne out of my earliest memories of playing on the ZX Spectrum such games as Rebelstar Raiders, and the now infamous Laser Squad (or as its later incarnation as X-COM). I decided to ditch the fantasy genre and instead “relocate” to a post-apocalyptic world, and concentrate on the squad elements of the game. Hence the birth of “Bunker Mentality“.

After spending several years trying to finish the game and only ending up with something more and more nebulous than before, despite repeated attempts to cut back on the game remit, I put it aside.

You can see a video of where the game had got before I started work on Pyramid of the Pharaoh.

Author: Yodhe

Yodhe has been making computer games since he first had a ZX Spectrum back in the mid 1980's. Although it is only since the millenium he has been taking programming seriously. Aside from all things turn based, he has an abiding love of mythology, rambling and dancing,

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