One off the Bucket List!!!

Pyramid of the Pharaoh, release for Android 4+ on the Google Play Store.

I finally launched/released my first “finished” game on the Google play store, “Pyramid of the Pharaoh“, which I personally would say is a board game set in a modern-fantasy setting, reminiscent of such games as Games Workshops‘ (Now distributed by Flight of Fantasy Games) Talisman.


You pick one of six characters, each with their own unique ability, and travel around the board attempting to find the lost artifacts with which to defeat the Pharaoh and claim the legendary prize. Along the way you have to avoid traps and battle the Pharaoh’s minions as you try and navigate through through the levels.


Movement is done either through playing cards that you pull around the deck as you land on squares, or rolling the digital die and then moving either clockwise or anti-clockwise around the levels. Then depending on the corresponding number on the square you land, you draw X number of cards from the virtual game deck. These cards can either help or hinder your progress, and a few will reveal the secret locations on the game boards where the lost artifacts are hidden, waiting to be dug up.

Once you have one of the artifacts, you can defeat the pharaoh by traveling to the centre of the board, into the very heart of the pyramid, but you can also be sure the other players we be trying to beat or stop you.


Game play is for 1-4 Players, any of which may be either Human or Computer controlled. At the moment there is only a local play option, and an on-line multi-player option will only happen if there is demand for it.

I have also decided to set myself a reasonable target of 20 sales of this app/game within a couple of months as I suspect that the types of games I make are quite “niche-y“. And a lack of marketing budget and acumen means I will probably be a small ripple in the vast ocean of game releases.

But regardless to release a game has long been a bucket list wish of mine, and it does feel good to accomplish this feat after years of wandering in code.

Author: Yodhe

Yodhe has been making computer games since he first had a ZX Spectrum back in the mid 1980's. Although it is only since the millenium he has been taking programming seriously. Aside from all things turn based, he has an abiding love of mythology, rambling and dancing,

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