Homebrew VS Indie Games Development

I remember the days of shareware, of disks stuck to magazines, or small ads clustered, a few lines a piece, in the back pages hawking their wares. Thankfully selling copied cassettes with improvised stuck-on labels, or similarly recycled floppy disks is no longer a concern for the discerning games developer, with the dominance of common-or-garden market places such as the Google App Store for the Android OS, or Steam for its’ desktop counterparts (and that other one for Fruity flavoured eco-systems).

However in the past couple of years that I have been earnestly developing my own small computer games, I have noticed that the term “independent” means something very different now than it did “back in the day“, regarding computer games development.

So to separate what I do, which is essentially the work of a single person (subsisting on the patience of my partner), from those studios/companies where budgets can be upwards of a million pounds or more and still be quoined “independent“. I am self-nominating myself as a “HomeBrew Games Developer“, to conjure those similar rustic imaginings or something brewing under the stairs (where indeed for many years I had my computer workspace troll hole). Just one bloke with a passion for making turn based computer games (as opposed to twitch games), and playing board/card games with his friends/family, on a budget of basically make belief.

Author: Yodhe

Yodhe has been making computer games since he first had a ZX Spectrum back in the mid 1980's. Although it is only since the millenium he has been taking programming seriously. Aside from all things turn based, he has an abiding love of mythology, rambling and dancing,

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