The Glorious Dear Leader is dead, long live the Glorious Dear Leader.

Unbeknownst to the general populace of Sovitopia, the Glorious Supreme Leader who has ruled the nation for 50 years since the revolutiom, lies clinically dead from a heartache, in the private hospital attached to his palatial residence.

In the game Politbureau, you play one of the five factions that are represented in the politbureau, who are vying for delegates of the People’s Congress. The Congress in turn will elect the new Glorious Supreme Leader when his death is announced after the succession has been determined, and a suitable period of national mourning has elapsed (~10 turns).

By using your commisars and undertaking projects, both secret and public, and playing your espionage and event cards you will hope to manipulate the will of the public and party to crown yourself as the undisputed new Glorious Supreme Leader of Sovitopia.

The five factions are-

  • The Intelligence Service Industry
  • The Reformation Faction
  • The Glorious Family (of the Glorious Supreme Leader)
  • Octogenarian Old Guard (Former Cadre of the Revolution)
  • Party Faithful

-Coming November 2016 for PC/Linux and Android OS.


The Pirate King of the High Seas

skullandcrossbones2The Pirate King of the High Seas” is J.A.T’s second finished game due the first quarter of 2016, for Android OS, and Steam (Win/Linux).

gemsThere can only be one Pirate King, and rather than settle the dispute with the traditional gunpowder and cutlass, as one of the most powerful merchant-Pirates of the High Sea, you have decided to settle the issue with a wager. The first to find and deliver their cargo and sail to the treasure island will be crowned the new Pirate King of the High Seas.

piratecardSail around the board and discover lost islands with their less than friendly natives, get swept around by whirlpools, and battle the ships of Royal Navy.

With three different difficulty levels, each with a different ruleset, you get three games in one, designed for all ages and capacity of players aged from 3 to 100.

Just Another Blog….

I finally managed to get around to starting one of these blogs, where I can share my passion and frustration at all things turn based, from Super Dungeon Explorers to Civilization V.

I will also be divulging my workings and progress as I make, market and generally hustle my own turn based creations, in the form of turn based computer games, both inspired by those in the physical world, and the general genre of strategy and empire building games.

My first game which I am releasing in the next few weeks on the Google App Store, is “Pyramid of the Pharaoh”, where you take the role of one of six characters, who attempt to dig up the lost relic and use it to defeat the pharaoh and claim the legendary treasure for themselves.