Homebrew VS Indie Games Development

I remember the days of shareware, of disks stuck to magazines, or small ads clustered, a few lines a piece, in the back pages hawking their wares. Thankfully selling copied cassettes with improvised stuck-on labels, or similarly recycled floppy disks is no longer a concern for the discerning games developer, with the dominance of common-or-garden market places such as the Google App Store for the Android OS, or Steam for its’ desktop counterparts (and that other one for Fruity flavoured eco-systems).

However in the past couple of years that I have been earnestly developing my own small computer games, I have noticed that the term “independent” means something very different now than it did “back in the day“, regarding computer games development.

So to separate what I do, which is essentially the work of a single person (subsisting on the patience of my partner), from those studios/companies where budgets can be upwards of a million pounds or more and still be quoined “independent“. I am self-nominating myself as a “HomeBrew Games Developer“, to conjure those similar rustic imaginings or something brewing under the stairs (where indeed for many years I had my computer workspace troll hole). Just one bloke with a passion for making turn based computer games (as opposed to twitch games), and playing board/card games with his friends/family, on a budget of basically make belief.