Virtually Real Games

Aside from the behemoth of spaghetti code that is “Bunker Squad” (sometimes known as Bunker Mentality), which has its origin in such game mechanics as seen in Laser Squad (Playable on-line here, along with its predecessor Rebel Star), I always had a private remit that theoretically the turn based games I made should be transferable to the real world, i.e. be able to be easily made into an actual physical board game.

Artifact Location Card Image

Of course it has been easier said than done. I feel I kind of cheated with “Pyramid of the Pharaoh” as I never really determined how in a physical version of the game the artifacts would be hidden/distributed about the game board. Perhaps there would have to be specific artifact tiles from where to dig up the corresponding item. Or different Artifact Location cards may have different individual tiles on them, which are traded for the artifact card when it is dug up from the tile. Still though, when funds allow I would like to head over to the game crafter, and order the pieces to make up a real version of Pyramid of the Pharaoh, and sit down and play it around the proverbial games table.

Tentacle Arm Spinner Prototype

I have been a lot more strictly following this guidance when making “Pirates of the High Seas“, and developed a set of cardboard spinners to determine such things such as the random movement of whirlpools, and typhoons. For the computer version I thought about having some sort of flick motion , or drag and release system on touch-screen devices to control/influence the rate at which the tentacle spun around the spinner. But in testing it didn’t seem as convenient/fun just to let the computer handle all of this stuff automatically in the background, and have only a minimal amount of end-turn time. Still it is something that I might include as an option in the final release of the game if I can get the controls to feel right, and I have the time.

The other main game I working on at the moment, “Politbureau” is also readily translatable into a real world board game, but I leave details of that for another post.